Dyno Tuning


We have a Dynocom 15000FX AWD dynamometer. It is one of the largest AWD dynos available. The main roller can handle up to 3250HP with the eddy brake. In AWD it can handle over 5200HP. The minimum track width is 30” with a maximum track width of 102”.

Dyno Tuner

Our tuner, Andy Tatman, started tuning engines in 2009. He specialized in Subaru cars for many years and then branched into many other platforms. He is a seasoned engine calibrator and capable of tuning almost any engine on a plethora of engine management solutions.

Supported Engine Management Systems

  • Cobb Accessport (Subaru, Mitsubishi, BMW, VW, GTR, Ford)

  • Opensource (Subaru, Mitsubishi)

  • HP Tuners Supported Vehicles(https://www.hptuners.com/vehicles/)

  • Hondata

  • KTuner

  • Haltech

  • Megasquirt

  • AEM Series 1, 2, Infiniti

  • Link EMS

  • ECMLink/DSMLink

  • MaxxECU